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Last Detail Motors
130 Oakland Hill Drive
Etowah, NC 28729

(828) 577-7471

Detailing Services

In addition to the reconditioning of cars and trucks for sale we offer;

  1. Complete , comprehensive, deep cleaning of both interior and exterior surfaces.
  2. Extensive paint correction including the removal of swirl marks and scratches from painted surfaces.
  3. The application of a wide variety of waxes, ceramic and teflon coatings, offering various levels of paint protection.
  4. Complete headlight restoration designed to improve the appearance of your vehicle and enhance your night vision.
  5. Finally we offer upholstery repairs, body and paintwork. Just about any service related to the reconditioning of your car or truck.

Who we are

We’re just car guys passionate about what we do. We hand pick preowned cars and trucks and add value to them through our comprehensive mechanical, interior and exterior reconditioning process, before offering them for sale.

We love what we do, and it shows.